Guzarish is a social mutual fund where we raise contributions (donations) from individuals and invest in projects to maximize social impact (return) for our investors. Our project heads are explained below:

Flagship Project

Guzarish’s flagship project ‘Books For All’ – created by our team – focuses on building the reading habit for children in an assisted learning environment. Currently running in its second year, Books For All project has been performing well. Learn more about Books For All HERE

STAR Projects

At Guzarish, while we partner with top NGOs of India like Teach For India to create projects like Books For All, we also believe a lot of budding social projects have potential and just need guidance and funds to scale up and become sustainable. With that intent, Guzarish has initiated the concept of ‘STAR Projects’ where in Guzarish shall grant funds and strategic support to support projects which have potential to create a strong social impact.>/p>