The problem we are trying to solve:



Reading is an integral part of a child’s education. Some reports claim that kids who read 20 minutes a day , score in the 90th percentile on standardized tests. Many such report emphasize the importance of developing the habit of reading.

However, another research states that more than 2 million kids in India cannot afford a book to read.

On the other hand, we have privileged people like us who have piles of books lying on our shelves – which we are neither reading nor selling as scrap (raddi). When we talked to such people, we realized that while they wanted to donate their books, they either did not know a credible beneficiary OR were facing issues with carrying a bulk load of books to an NGO’s office for donation.


Our solution:

Started in 2016, Books For All – the flagship project of NGO Guzarish (which is registered as a Trust) – aims to bridge this gap by offering free door-step pickup for collecting books from individuals/corporates/schools, etc. and distributing them to underprivileged kids across the country, ensuring every kid has access to books


To achieve this, we follow a simple 4 step model:





We reach out and appeal to donors through multiple online marketing channels such as whatsapp, emails, social media, etc. and a lot of offline channels such as radio, newspaper, stalls at metro stations, etc.

Once the donor is willing to contribute to the cause, all s/he has to do is visit our website, fill in some basic details, choose a suitable pickup date and that is it! Our delivery professional will go to their location to collect the books at the chosen pickup date